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Would you like to make a donation?

If you would like to make a financial contribution to our project, you can make a donation:

PayPalClick on the Button to make a Donation via PayPal

Cheque Cheques payable to “Doncaster Street Pastors

and sent to : Doncaster Street Pastors, Hall Gate United Reformed Church, Hall Gate, Doncaster, DN1 3NG

If you are a UK Tax Payer, Gift Aid forms are available on request.


Would you like to pray for us?

Please pray that we get more Street Pastor volunteers so that we can increase the time that we can be out on the streets.

Please pray that we get more Prayer Pastor volunteers in line with the Street Pastor growth so that we can consistently uphold our Street Pastors in prayer whilst they are out.

Please pray that we have a real positive impact on Doncaster Town Centre and that we can support the good work done by the professional staff.